Private: Amazônia


Created in 2002, Amazônia Fitomedicamentos Ltda is a company of research, development and innovation of new drugs. Being a result of the partnership between Grupo Telles and Laboratório Kyolab, the company currently invests in three research lines, based on existing bioactive compounds in the latex of the plant “Avelóz” (Euphorbia tirucalli), looking for the treatment of cancer, chronic pain, and HIV/AIDS.

The non-clinical tests and studies are at an advanced stage, and they have been done in accordance with national (ANVISA) and international standards (ICH).

For the development of new pharmaceutical products, Amazônia Fitomedicamentos outsources the services from other national and international companies, laboratories, hospitals and universities. It has a Scientific Council – constituted by nine researchers and research managers – which meets regularly (every two months) to discuss the company’s research projects.

Originated in South Africa and well-known in the Brazilian Northeast region, the plant “Avelóz” adapts well to hot weathers such as in the Ceará state, being also known by the names of “Árvore-de-são-sebastião”, “Espinho-de-cristo”, and “Pinheirinho”. The plant is a shrub that has three to six feet high, which has in its chemical composition the presence of diterpenes, such as the tiglianes (phorbol esters) and the ingenanes (ingenol esters); tirucallol; and euphol, which is the major compound of the plant.