Project Fonte da Vida


Since 2003, the iPark Tourist Complex and Naturágua support the actions developed by the Project Fonte da Vida. The first, with the donation of part of the earnings whereas the latter cooperates with the maintenance of the space where several socio-cultural activities take place. Fostering the development of children and teenagers living in a social risk situation at Parque São Miguel is the purpose of the project, which uses art as a changing agent, directly benefitting around 400 people.

The Project Fonte da Vida works from Monday through Friday, with pedagogical activities; on weekends, the program involves art and culture activities (capoeira, theater, hip-hop, karate, percussion and choir singing lessons), as well as the daily distribution of a soup, of Itinerant CRAS once a week (in partnership with SER VI).

The activities of the educational center aim at providing support to children from 6 years old onwards (1st to 5th grade of elementary school), Toys Library (for children from 0 to 5 years old), besides a class of the program Fortaleza Alfabetizada (literacy class for adults), which gather from Monday through Friday. The preventive health center serves adults in the groups “Amor no Coração” (for individuals with diabetes and high-blood pressure), Prevention and Treatment of Worms, and Pregnant Women Groups. Both are held at the Parque São Miguel Health Care Center, as well as the Massotherapy sessions (in partnership with the PDA) and the Farmácia Viva (in partnership with the Federal University of Ceará).