Pecém Embalagens

Packaging Sector

Opened in 1992, in Pindoretama (CE), Santelisa Embalagens (Pecém Agroindustrial S.A) uses sugarcane bagasse as part of the components for the manufacturing of paper and cardboard paper. The plant has an installed capacity for the production of 70 tons/day of paper reels and printed boxes intended to different market segments.

Santelisa Embalagens reuses all the byproducts from the sugarcane for several purposes. In this plant, as well as in the two others from Grupo Telles, part of the bagasse (waste from the extraction of the sugarcane juice) fuels a boiler, which produces steam and enables the operation of the turbogenerators, providing power to the operation of the plants. The other part of the bagasse is added as raw material in the manufacturing of paper, producing paper reels, plates and cardboard paper boxes serving clients all over the North and Northeast regions.