Fuel distributors

The ethanol distributor Ypetro is installed in an area of around 26 thousand square meters, in Maracanaú.

The station receives the ethanol produced in Grupo Telles’ plants by means of its own tank truck offloading system, besides the storage in vertical tanking with capacity for one million liters. The distribution of the ethanol is made by means of Ypetro’s loading station; the operation uses pumps with state-of-the-art technology system.

The ethanol distribution station is provided with connection cables to the trucks, aiming at offering protection against static electricity, as well as facilities and electric equipment explosion-proof. The safety of the whole process is due to the fire-fighting and protection system (with a technical reserve of 210 thousand liters of water), as well as a cannons system with a liquid that generates foam and protection against atmospheric discharges. The implementation project is in compliance with the standards of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Ceará’s Fire Brigade, the State Urban Control and Infrastructure Department and the Maracanaú/CE’s Environment Department.