Innovation, entrepreneurship and socio-environmental commitment are characteristics that define Grupo Telles. Five generations built the history of the oldest company in operation in Brazil, in the hands of the same family. It all began in 1843 with the arrival of the Portuguese Dario Telles de Menezes to Brazil, who brought along with him a ceramic beaker from which, already settled in the city of Maranguape, at the farm Ypióca, he started the production of the cachaça in the year of 1846.

As of 1895, the second generation of the Telles family, Dario Borges Telles, takes over the control and upgrades the production process. And, just like his father, he appoints his oldest son, Paulo Campos Telles, as his successor.

It was Paulo Campos who was as of 1924, the one responsible for implementing a number of innovations in the productive process of the cachaça. His mission was successfully accomplished and it gained international acknowledgment, as it was during his administration, in 1968, that the company exported its first batch of cachaça from Brazil to Germany. He must be also granted the merits of bottling the beverage in liters and using a dosage nozzle (the dropper), as well as the ageing in balm barrels. Always ahead of this time, Paulo Campos innovated once more by adopting marketing mechanisms to promote the genuinely national drink abroad.

As the first child and forth generation of the Telles family, Everardo Telles consolidated the legacy inherited from his father. He was the one who, as of the 1970s, started the biggest business expansion and diversification period for the company. Under his management, the production of the Group increased, as well as its operation scope to comprise seven different areas: mineral water, ethanol, livestock, agriculture, medicinal products, cardboard paper package and entertainment. Headquartered in Messejana, the use of state-of-the-art technology and the search for quality in products and services are the factors that guide Grupo Telles’ business in several segments.

In August 2012, Everardo Telles transferred the control of the alcoholic beverage business to a world-leading multinational in the production of premium alcoholic beverages.

A new age started for the Group which, besides the products listed above, started new businesses, investing in researches in the areas of agrochemicals, probiotics, among others.